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Eggplant ecstasy

I painted a series of cards inspired by a post from the North East Ohio Garden blogger, of a day lily called talon + eggplant ecstasy (for the inspiration see here Seasonal Contradiction).… Continue reading


This past weekend I took the first long walk of the spring and loved all the daffodils holding their own in the March wind. Having fought off the “snow-quester” here in DC earlier… Continue reading


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3 Economical Birds — Before and After

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Happy New Year 2013, the Year of the Snake

I never get around to sending Christmas cards. There is too much going on in December:  work, presents, work, parties, work parties, work. The week following Christmas, however, seems a perfect time to… Continue reading

Autumn leaves a handful of etegami

This first etegami, of a maple leaf, with poetry from Shoutetsu (正徹), was mailed to Gail for a (late! sorry!) birthday..  Poem is titled “Grass roots”, and the words translate to:  “I hear… Continue reading

Moomin, in contemplation

I should clarify, Moomin the cat, notMoomin the Finnish cartoon character. Painted from a photo, see below — I got most of her spots right save for that errant blotch on her head.… Continue reading

Dandelions… Inspired by Shungo, Santoku, and Norway

My literary inspiration:   a Santoku poem, “A dandelion bloomed on the road today.” Another etegami painter, Shungo Asada, shared it with me recently. My visual inspiration:  Norwegian dandelions from a photo I took… Continue reading


Painted for someone who recently lost a family member. The words read “No one can have more than one life,” from a Japanese poem by Toki Zenmaru (土岐善麿). The flowers on this etegami… Continue reading

Forest of Stars Kokeshi for J

A happy birthday kokeshi doll etegami for my sister. The characters translate to “forest of stars,” from a Japanese poem. The flower is a desert flower, from a picture my sister took at… Continue reading