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Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy blew in and out of DC earlier this week, keeping me at home instead of work. Intermingled with teleworking, I also did a little etegami, inspired by my cats, Moomin (the… Continue reading


Painted for someone who recently lost a family member. The words read “No one can have more than one life,” from a Japanese poem by Toki Zenmaru (土岐善麿). The flowers on this etegami… Continue reading

Plums from Norway

Following the path of many tourists to Norway, we found ourselves in the Sognfjord area, and stayed overnight a couple nights in Balestrand (aka Balholm). Also in the wake of tourists, we tried… Continue reading

Forest of Stars Kokeshi for J

A happy birthday kokeshi doll etegami for my sister. The characters translate to “forest of stars,” from a Japanese poem. The flower is a desert flower, from a picture my sister took at… Continue reading

The Can Canyon

My dad always called the Grand Canyon the “Can Canyon.” I think it is because at some point as a young kid I called it that. Long after I knew better he still… Continue reading

The Great Outdoors of Mejiro, or, the joy of little pleasures.

A friend in Japan (a photographer you should check out, here) posted a photo of what he titled “目白の大自然!” or, the “Great Outdoors of Mejiro!”  Mejiro is an upscale neighborhood in Tokyo, pretty but… Continue reading

Act Swiftly, Awesome Pacyderm!

I’ll probably stick this on my office door — everyone is asking for things ASAP. The Dr. Seuss quotation is from Horton Hears a Who, and I like that somehow the elephant I… Continue reading

seashell card for a new baby, with Shinkawa Kazue poem

A cousin recently had a baby girl, and I composed this “welcome baby!” card for them. The card features the first stanza of the poem by Shinkawa Kazue, “赤ちゃんに寄す”. My translation:  “Please tell… Continue reading

the super moon and ogiwara seisensui

Etegami composed to celebrate the “super moon” of 5 May 2012 (details here from WBUR, NPR). The words translate to:  ‎”it walks the sky, cloudless, / clear: the moon alone.” The poet is… Continue reading