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Irises in January

  a trio of iris etegami, painted on request for a friend Irises are still a fond memory, deep in January in DC, they are hibernating for the winter. Luckily the internet and… Continue reading

Gingko leaves

Gingko leaves, subtly yellowing in the fall I finally got around to painting some gingko leaves, after being inspired by a card I received from Shungo. The first etegami is on high-bleed washi… Continue reading

Not one of us can live twice

On August 6, 1945, at 8.15am, an atom bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, in Japan. Today, in memory of those who were lost and for those who lived with the… Continue reading

A fish in water!

A while ago I shared this fish as a work-in-progress.  Here is the end result, with the poem by Yukawa Hideki. This is intended as a gift for my mother, as a remembrance… Continue reading

Tutu aflutter magnolia

A little magnolia flower, inspired by a poem I read on this blog, Leaf and twig: Her tutu a flutter magnolia dances to the wind song the tree an assemble en tourant, grand… Continue reading

Scattered blossoms

The cherry blossoms in DC have finally shed their petals… a weekend walk around the neighborhood had us walking along a carpet of pink. I find the petals and single discarded buds along… Continue reading

Sink cat

A little etegami of a cat in a sink, inspired by this image and poem from the blog Stories with no Books. The cat’s name is Siri, and blogger recounted a night when… Continue reading

it’s not the cherries everywhere in bloom

Spring in DC… yes, everyone gets excited about the cherry blossoms, and yes, they are lovely. So lovely that when we went out to the Mall this past Sunday, we found ourselves fighting… Continue reading

Young cucumber

Etegami of my now long-gone cucumber plant. We planted it early last summer, it started flowering and showing some little cukes in July, and it bore full-grown cucumbers in late July.  I harvested… Continue reading

crocus, with frail blue wings

A happy blue crocus, inspired by photos that Ruth P posted on Facebook I don’t know much about flowers. I see them and love them and take their photos with impunity. Only when… Continue reading