Angel frappe

One more watermelon etegami of the year, this time featuring a cocktail recipe I worked up this summer, the Angel Frappe. It is an absinthe-based cocktail, inspired by Mt. Defiance’s Absinthe, a local… Continue reading

How about a grape?

Another pun for the week, following on the Japanese lemon pun… this one is again in Japanese, and reads “ぶどうひとつぶ、どう?” (budou hitotsubu, dou?) and means, “How about a grape?” 

Summer smiles

  We are having one last semi-summery weekend in DC in early October… 

When you’ve got lemons

  you make a lemony pun in Japanese, right? The card reads “レモンの入れもん” (remon no iremon), which means, basically, “a thing that lemons are in.” It’s funnier in Japanese.

Love is the Elephant

“Love is the elephant and we are the blind mice unable to understand the whole.” I painted this elephant as part of a project to illustrate some cards for a game called Bamboo… Continue reading

DC Club Cocktail

Happy Friday to you! Here’s a little cocktail I concocted, using Green Hat gin, from the DC-based distillery New Columbia Distillers. I think I created this drink last December or January, and the… Continue reading

Bamboo Harvest Panda

I painted this little panda as part of a project I was working on earlier this year — illustrations for a game called “Bamboo Harvest.” Check out the game, tweet about it to… Continue reading

Why not go out on a limb?

 “Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?” A little Monday inspiration for you.


A couple more pandas, one a bit pinkish. Rushing isn’t healthy at all. Happy Friday-like Thursday to you all. Hope you don’t have to work tomorrow, the day before Independence Day. Relax, don’t… Continue reading

fat on honey

 A collage etegami… I wasn’t happy with the words I original painted, so I saved the flower (of course you may recognize the flower from a previous post). Later I found this lovely… Continue reading