DC Club Cocktail

Happy Friday to you! Here’s a little cocktail I concocted, using Green Hat gin, from the DC-based distillery New Columbia Distillers. I think I created this drink last December or January, and the… Continue reading

Bamboo Harvest Panda

I painted this little panda as part of a project I was working on earlier this year — illustrations for a game called “Bamboo Harvest.” Check out the game, tweet about it to… Continue reading

Why not go out on a limb?

 “Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?” A little Monday inspiration for you.


A couple more pandas, one a bit pinkish. Rushing isn’t healthy at all. Happy Friday-like Thursday to you all. Hope you don’t have to work tomorrow, the day before Independence Day. Relax, don’t… Continue reading

fat on honey

 A collage etegami… I wasn’t happy with the words I original painted, so I saved the flower (of course you may recognize the flower from a previous post). Later I found this lovely… Continue reading


Nombeeri –のんビーり This card features a pun I made up in Japanese… The Japanese word is “nombiri” or “carefree.” I wrote the “bi” (ビー、pronounced “bee”) part in katakana, with the rest of the… Continue reading

Knock their eyes out

The tulips are almost gone, their naked stems suffering the indignity of losing all their petals. Here’s one that welcomed me on my walk to work for a few weeks. It was on… Continue reading

the purple violet sweet

Violets are everywhere: lawns, on the side of the road, in the cracks on the sidewalk, gardens, on hiking paths. Apparently they are weeds and the internet is full of strategies for killing… Continue reading

why not take a little rest?

“Why not take a little rest?” I painted this little etegami of a red panda after a visit to the US National Zoo’s Front Royal location, in Virginia, way back in October 2014.… Continue reading

Happy Library Week, 2015!

This etegami is a favorite of mine and features a quotation from David Foster Wallace. I made magnets of it to give to all my favorite librarians. I still have a few magnets… Continue reading